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Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking With Wolf: Chapter Two

In this chapter we find out a lot of information about Wolfs Quaker background. In about the mid-seventeenth century a man by the name of George Fox founded the Society of Friends of Truth. Originally the Quaker religion was called the " religious society of friends" . Their belief system was that of a peace loving and life loving people. The main subject of their focus was silently revering god. The term Quaker was originally a derogatory term, but was eventually adopted by the society. For Quakers not even the word of the bible is the ultimate authority, they also do not claim that theirs is the only way. All of this provided Wolf with a great start on his journey.

Wolf Guindon went to a school much like my very own. They not only grade you based on your scholastic accomplishments but on you're behavioral ones as well. This system helps you turn an inward eye, assuming that you take advantage of the tools before you. I know for me personally had it not been for this system I would be far further from my current mind set. For Wilford Guindon and I alike, this method is far more effective than traditional schooling. This point system is also what turned Wolf onto hiking . Every day before school he would walk up to 8 miles through the woods, and at one point per mile the points quickly added up. On page sixteen Wolf is quoted saying " In my four years at boarding school, the hiking I did was enough to go to Alabama and back to Ohio." Two thousand four hundred and thirty miles, that's quite an accomplishment!

Wolf Guindon was not one to go off to war. It was completely against his beliefs to wage war. During the summer of nineteen forty eight these beliefs were tested. The Universal Military Training Act of nineteen forty eight would take any person from the age eighteen to twenty-six. Wolf along with most people of his belief system thought that there would be a sort of peaceful program for objectors of violence to contribute so they would not have to go to jail. This was not the case. Any and all draft dodgers would be either fined or imprisoned. The maximum sentence was a five thousand dollar fine or five years in prison. Wolf and three of his fellow Quaker friends decided not to sign up for the peace time draft. In December of nineteen forty eight they were arrested. On October, the twenty-sixth Wolf and his friends were sentenced to a year and a day, to be served in the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee Florida. They caught a slight bit of luck in the form of a well timed parole. They managed to only spend four months in prison. They were released on February twenty seventh, nineteen fifty.

While in prison Wolfs father had an accident. His father was using a pry lever to lift and pivot a large cement watering tank. It slipped of the fulcrum and the lever came down on his head. After much physical pain he decided to see a doctor. He was told that he had a blood clot, and so a brain surgeon from Birmingham preformed the operation. It was a success. but at his age, fifty-six, his brain was shrinking. within a few days he died. Later on when Wolf would be making plans for Costa Rica, his fathers absence would make it easier for him to leave.

This chapter is a brilliant way to give readers perspective on what drives Wilford Guindon. Knowing much of what he has done in his life I know him as a very considerate and caring person, in all regards. Now, with this chapter under my belt, it really boosts my opinions and thoughts of this flabbergasting man. I cant wait for what this next chapter is going to teach me and my peers.


  1. Winston,
    Nice blog. You really showed your excitement for learning. I truly hope this experience will continue to energize you. It makes me excited to find out what you have learned.

  2. i love the blog...I hope we get to experience this life changing travel together.