My name is Winston Poindexter and this class, from the moment it was mentioned, has ignited a fire of higher education within me. I have always loved travel and how it catapults your education high into the atmosphere. Going to Costa Rica would have this effect on me, and my goal of enriching my knowledge of the wild. Ever since walking became a regular activity I have been blazing trails, but only blazing. Now this class is providing me with the opportunity to grab the fruit from the trees as I blaze by. I couldn't be happier with the amount of possibility on this class's horizon. I am going to be blogging every week about our classes book and I hope that you will follow my blogging. You can help us get there by donating!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walking With Wolf: Chapter One

In the first chapter we learn that a man who goes by the name of Wolf Guindon has been in Costa Rica for a large part of his life. In his time spent there he has done trail clearing and wildlife and forest preservation. In this chapter one of the topics we hear about is Wolf tracking an animal called the Tapir. This animal is going to be the focus of my studies for this week.

Another very intriguing topic is that most people who go to Costa Rica have this innate fear of snakes, and being bitten by them, but for the most part this rarely happens. This made me think about how a lot of times peoples fears hold more power than the actual object that initiated the feeling of fear. On page five one quote I found worth mentioning is ''the fear people sometimes carry concerning snakes is much more likely to ruin their day than any snake its self.'' Truer words have never been spoken.

Thinking about how the brain works is one of my personal favorite activities. When I read that quote it stopped my in my tracks and lead me on a metaphysical journey, of witch I am happy to have followed to the end. This book and this class really open up my mind to new ways of thinking and learning. I am immensely grateful to Bryan and everyone and everything that has made it a possibility.


  1. This is a great first post. As we spoke about during class, I am particularly happy about the way that you show your connection with the text. While I hope that future posts can cover a little more of the content, this personal connection is the most important part.

  2. Nice first blog entry Winston. I like how you are using the connections. It is well written out