My name is Winston Poindexter and this class, from the moment it was mentioned, has ignited a fire of higher education within me. I have always loved travel and how it catapults your education high into the atmosphere. Going to Costa Rica would have this effect on me, and my goal of enriching my knowledge of the wild. Ever since walking became a regular activity I have been blazing trails, but only blazing. Now this class is providing me with the opportunity to grab the fruit from the trees as I blaze by. I couldn't be happier with the amount of possibility on this class's horizon. I am going to be blogging every week about our classes book and I hope that you will follow my blogging. You can help us get there by donating!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great job guys!

We did it! About twenty five yards, twenty days, ten students and two teachers. My peers and I worked so hard and it paid off, in an approximate sum of thirty eight hundred dollars. The learning that came with raking is unmatched, in its speed and in its value, to most other forms of fundraising. Not only was raking unmatched in fundraising, but also in most forms of learning. The month we spent raking and the amount we learned couldn’t easily be matched by a month of regular classes. I learned so much about the step above listing to direction and applying criticism, so much above working well with a group. I learned about taking control in a passive enough way as to not upset my peers. I was able to show up to a yard and help delegate "forces" to certain spots, reassess location upon completion of tasks and basically help keep the train a-Rollin. This was a monumental, galvanizing experience, for me, my peers and our teachers.

The sacrifice made by the rest of our school cannot go unappreciated. They went without a science teacher for far more days than they would have liked. We are so grateful for everything that has happened. Our peers and staff's sacrifices. The community involvement and support, all of it is so amazing to see. Thank you to everyone! No matter how small your part was it was still a part, and it takes parts to make anything!

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  1. Congratulations to you and your classmates. You have some well deserved lessons there that will have staying power. When you can articulate such knowledge, you are participating in the authentic learning experience. Bravo!!